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About Us

We are a passionate group of activists that are looking to create awareness on Cannabis. The intention is to empower all South Africans on the history, the pros, cons and the economical benefits of Cannabis. Evidence worldwide is out there yet we choose to ignore it and keep this plant demonised. By working together, we can change inaccurate thinking and enlighten society.

Sleek & Beautiful


For centuries this wonderplant has been used medicinally and recreationally worldwide. We bring you the "When? Why? How?" of the history of this plant in South Africa...

Sleek & Beautiful

CCTV (CannaCultureTV)

Upload a video of you and your experience with cannabis. Tell us how it has had an impact on your life and why it is so special to you...

Sleek & Beautiful

Join The Revolution

With thousands of uses, many dont see the benefit of this plant beyond its medicinal uses...Join us to spreading the Seed of knowledge to empower those that need it...

Our Recent Events

Take a look below at some of our recent events. Be sure to join us on the next one.

Sleek & Beautiful

Essence Festival Durban 2016

We took the time to educate and empower those that attended this annual event. It will be on our annual calendar.

Sleek & Beautiful

Underberg Country Club

We hosted a talk at the small community of Underberg which saw an overwhelming response. Soon to be back!

Sleek & Beautiful

Damian Marley Durban

Having had the opportunity to work with Damian Marley in South Africa, we used the opportunity to empower and educate.

Sleek & Beautiful

True Activism

We supported all round the country with a number of cases for those fighting for freedom of the plant. Together we are stronger and will achieve!

Check out our latest hot topics for discussion

We are always looking to create interaction and empower, please join us in discussion and feel free to ask any question. We are always willing to help 24/7.